Andres Garcia, is a contemporary southwestern, native artist, jeweler, and seeker.  Andres began his path 35 years ago where he created his first jewelry piece which was a musically inspired belt buckle by the rock and roll band AC/DC.  Since then, Andres has explored and studied the likes of M.C. Escher, mathematician, Harry Leippe, classically trained (Firenze, Italy) sculpture and traditionalist silversmith Mike Yazzie.  Andres has been incorporating the fusion of science, mathematics, and art, cultivated in the raw beauty of New Mexico and the Southwest.  Today, Andres is known for his dynamic and sophisticated pieces which represent nature and life’s journeys.


The perfect shape is a circle, never-ending, like the cycles of the ocean.  Andres has been working with the pursuit of perfection within motion.  As such, Andres developed his Perfect Wave.  Vita est aqua – “water is life.”  Andres, understanding the importance of water having lived in the desert southwest recognized the power of the wave by the witness of flash floods through desert canyons.  Additionally, the absence of water challenges the ability to live.  Through this understanding, the Perfect Wave connects us all.  From the simple ripple of a raindrop in a pond to the fury of a tsunami; waves create and waves destroy.  The perfect wave is a representation of life’s journey; a wave begins in the ocean and ends on the beach.


Seeking the Perfect Wave is a journey everyone shares.  No life is perfect, yet we all pursue perfection.  Our day-to-day challenges is an aspect we must all endure, like waves gnawing at the sandstone. The sandstone’s journey is one of inevitable transformation.  Thus, the beauty of the etched sandstone becomes the story of its journey.  etched sandstone becomes its own natural beauty. The Perfect Wave personifies the journey.

Andres has created multiple representations of the Perfect Wave.  Everyone’s journey is different and there is a Perfect Wave waiting for each of them.